Planning Tools for 2019, BuJo & Some Goodies

I have learned that the only way that I can function and get things done is by planning out everything.  In the past, I tried using apps and google calendars to plan, but they failed me on many occasions.  In other words, I need something tangible.  Above all, I need something I can hold in my hand, look at a million times, flip from page to page, lay it out exactly the way I need to.  Moral of the story, my planning tools are my brain companion because my brain is broken.  They help me keep it together and that is saying a lot because I am one hell of a mess.

Planning Tools

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This Years Planner Choice

The past few years I have strictly done all of my planning with a bujo.  This year, however, I am using a planner alongside my bujo to save some time.  Instead of doing monthly and daily spreads I have a planner that I got from Thirty-One that is fantastic!  It has a lot of space to write and even comes with some fun planner stickers.  Plus it is gorgeous!  I have the Live Life Inspired design which is called the Floral Keepsake Planner.

This is what I will be using as my actual planner for my time.  All scheduling will take place in this book.  This includes my daily job stuff, household tasks, appointments, etc.

This Years BuJo Planning Tools Choice

My bullet journal this year will be to keep up with everything else.  Instead of adding calendars and other daily or weekly spreads, it will be filled with things that will help me get through each day.  Things like daily routines, cleaning schedules, habit trackers, health trackers, and everything I want to work on this year.  My illnesses are pretty complex and because of that, require a lot of note-taking and work.  Therefore, there will be a lot of things happening in my bujo that has to do with chronic illness.

I will be posting about what is actually inside my bujo as I go, but for this post, it is all about the tools!

I love the Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal and this year I chose the color, Emerald.  Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted JournalThey have so many colors to choose from that it can make it hard to pick.  My last one was Orange because that is the color for RSD/CRPS!Leuchtturm1917 colors

What color is your favorite?  If I could afford it, I would have one in each color on hand!

Last year I used the Lemome Executive and I liked it just fine.  It came with some fun stickers and even a ruler!Lemome Executive

I think next year I may try a journal with thicker paper because ghosting tends to happen with both of the above planners.  Ghosting is not bleeding, it is just being able to kind of see through the pages.

My Favorite Pens

Your planning tools are not complete without proper pens.  I am a pen and paper junkie and if you have a favorite pen please tell me all about it!

I am absolutely loving the Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen, 2-Pack. Soft and Hard Tip Fudenosuke Brush Pens for Calligraphy and Art Drawings.

Tombow 62038I also love the Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Ink Pen Set and use them daily!  They come in many sizes and even include a brush pen.  If I had to choose one set, it would be this one for sure.  Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Ink Pen Set

The STAEDTLER triplus fineliner pens are very top quality.  I have had the same set for several years and they still work perfectly.  These are great for adding some pops of color to your planner and bullet journal.

Planning Tools STAEDTLER triplus finelinerHighlighters, I love them!  My favorites right now are the Zebra Mildliner Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Pens.  I love marking tasks off through the day with these because it gives you a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small the task.  I have two sets right now and that gives me a variety of colors to work with.Planning Tools Zebra Mildliner Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Pens

Start With What You Have

There are a ton of other products I love to use as well!  For instance, stickers are such a great easy way to dress up your pages if you can’t get into the creativity drawing mode on some days.  You can find a ton of regular stickers on Amazon.  I love the ones that are sold as Planner stickers.  You can even find some great stuff at the Dollar Tree.  This does not need to be pricey and it surely doesn’t need to be perfect.

You know, for a long time I put off making artistic spreads because I did not want to “mess up” my pretty bujo.  Therefore, it wasn’t utilized at the level it could have been.  If I make a mistake or a smudge, so be it because the idea is to actually USE IT, not look at a book of blank pages!  In other words, start where you are right now!

I hope sharing my most loved planning tools will help you get some ideas to get started.  However, you really could just take any notebook and pen and get to work.  Just know that some papers and pens will bleed because the paper is thinner, and that can be a pain.  I think starting off with a nice journal that you like will keep you wanting to use it and follow through daily in getting your new habits down to live your most awesome life.

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8 thoughts on “Planning Tools for 2019, BuJo & Some Goodies”

    1. It has been a game changer for me for the past few years. I can set it up the way MY brain works. I can add anything I want, whenever I want. I call it my brain because I seriously can not function without it. After years of Gabapentin at high doses combined with neuro diseases, my memory is just done, finished, gone. With a Bullet journal there are no rules, just do what you want how you want!

  1. I am waiting to see if I get a planner in one of those gifts under the tree. I will try to do bullet journaling this year. The only obstacle I need to overcome is consistency in actually planning.

    1. Normally I put all of my calendar stuff in my bullet journal. This year I split it up. I am using the planner from Thirty-One as my calendar and then I am using my Journal as my bullet journal to keep track of everything else in life.

  2. I wish I could be this organised to write down everything I need to do, but I’m too busy actually doing all the things I need to do, lol! It looks like a super planner, this, though. I have friends who swear by them.

  3. This is very timely. I am thinking of trying BuJo for 2019 and was a bit hesitant but after reading your post. I am 100% decided to try this. Will definitely check your recommendations. I am just so excited to start. 🙂

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