Should You Trust a Psychic?

There are some questions in the world that just shouldn’t be answered. When will we die? How many kids will we have? Will we find love? Part of the magic of life is the surprises along the way. But, for those of us who let curiosity get the best of us, we always have the option of turning to a psychic for information about our future. Can we really trust psychics, though? Do they actually know what’s going to happen in our future? I personally don’t believe the answer is a simple yes or no.


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Fake Psychics

There are many people out there that claim to be “psychic,” and the vast majority are probably faking it. Famous psychic Linda Georgian speculated that about 1 in every 10,000 actually have the “gift,” if even that much. If her estimations are correct, this means most of the psychics out there are probably scams and not worth our time and money. I’ve been to many psychics that seemed incompetent and clueless, mostly ones in tourist towns, where people pass through frequently and don’t mind spending the money on an experience just to have a giggle and a good time. Fake psychics may also tell you a small amount of information to pique your interest, and then ask for a large sum of money to continue your reading. A con-artist clairvoyant might also ask you personal information about yourself, information that they can use to look you up online and study your internet presence so it seems like they know personal information through their abilities. If you’re going to hire one of these “fake” psychics for a party or event, you might as well hire a Britney Spears impersonator as entertainment instead. They probably both have the same capacity to predict the future.

Real Psychics

Those who I would deem “real psychics” are often those who have a great reputation from word of mouth. You’ll have to book a reading in advance, not just step into a parlour on the street for a quick tidbit of information. The real mark of a good clairvoyant, however, is in the information they offer you. A legitimate psychic will not only tell you information but guide you in how to use that information to improve your life. They will not ask many questions, either. A real psychic won’t ask things like, “does the name John resonate with you?” It’s likely that we all have a “John” or a “Mike” or a “Joe” in our lives, but a real medium will be able to describe this person to you and explain their value in your life. Real psychics will not come cheap, but they will not offer more information at an elevated cost. It is my experience that a true psychic will give you all the information they can see in one session, and then ask you not to return until all their predictions have come to fruition.

The Truth

So, should you trust a psychic? There is no honest answer to this question, as there is no way to know for sure. It’s all about what you believe and what you feel is true. Some mediums are certainly better than others, there’s no doubt about that, but whether they have supernatural powers or are just incredibly intuitive individuals who are experts at reading people is up to you to decide. At the end of the day, if speaking with a psychic gives you an insight into your life, helps you look at your problems in a different light, or just helps you focus on your life and on self-compassion, I’d say they’re definitely worth the money for a quality session. Who knows what the future holds?

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