What to Do When You’re Sad

I go through these bout’s of overwhelming sadness from time to time.   Sometimes there are reasons why I am sad that I can figure out.  Other times there is no real reason behind it, just sadness.  In this post I will talk about what to do when you’re sad to help get you through, these are things that work for me. In my experience, it is pretty common for people that are chronically ill to have unexplainable bouts of sadness.  Most of us, including me, suffer from depression.  Depression is an ugly monster that can mess with every aspect of your life.  It can change you as a person to the point that other people just can not deal with it.  I don’t blame people for withdrawing from my life, I actually recognize and understand that not everyone is able to handle someone like me.

What to Do When You're Sad

What to Do When You’re Sad

So let’s talk about some tricks and tools to use and what to do when you’re sad to improve your mood.  Things that can help you get through it faster and face it head-on.  If you know the trigger it can be much easier to handle though.

Limit Social Media

I quit looking at the Facebook timeline.  I have noticed that Facebook is a huge cause of most of my sadness and even anger!  If it wasn’t for the business need for Facebook for me, I would delete my account altogether and just be done with it.  However, my businesses do rely on the use of Facebook at this time and until that changes, I have to keep the account.  So when I know that some of my sadness triggers are coming from this one place, I step back.  I would deactivate, but then I can not access my pages and groups.  If you do not have business pages and groups to run, just click deactivate to take a break.  You can always come back and reactivate it later on when you feel up to it.  Or you may find you enjoy life much more without it.

limit social media

Since I can not deactivate, I simply do NOT look at the timeline or use my personal profile for anything.  No liking, commenting, sharing, nothing.  I get on, and only do what I need for my groups and business pages.  I do have messenger up and active for those that need to get in touch with me.  Be sure to make a post that you will be taking a break so that those that care will know that you’re ok if they do not see you posting.

Write Something

What to Do When You're Sad

I write!  Writing in all forms can be beneficial.  Sometimes I will blog, journal, and write to my penpals.  You can write about how you feel, or just write about things that make you happy.  With journaling, it is totally up to you and you can even do it in your bullet journal!  You can also track your mood there too.  Maybe you can figure out if there are specific triggers to your sadness. 

Lose Yourself in Music

I listen to music.  I put on some headphones and I listen to all sorts of music.  Some will make me cry, some will make me happy.  Either way, the songs trigger some emotional release and that is super helpful.  Binaural beats can be helpful as well!

Get Creative

I take on a project.  Sometimes it is something for me, other times it is for someone else.  But creating something definitely helps me.  It occupies your mind and lets you express yourself.  Maybe you like to paint?  Go for a photo walk?  Sketch?  maybe knitting or crocheting?  Whatever makes you happy, just do it.

Get Out of the House

I go out for a meal with one of my kids.  Sometimes my oldest daughter and I will just go somewhere for lunch.  It gives me a change of scenery and some yummy food in my belly.  When I am at home and sad, I either binge on junk food or don’t eat at all.  Neither are good things.

What Helps You?

What helps you when you are sad?  Do you have any ideas to share?  The hardest sadness to work on is the sadness that doesn’t seem to have an actual trigger.  I think my biggest helper is getting away from Facebook.  I know it sounds ridiculous that a social media site can have so much impact on our moods, but take a break yourself and see what happens.  Without seeing every horrible thing that happens blasted in your face.  Daily doses of things you disagree with beaten into your head on a daily basis.

Social media has its purposes for sure, but I don’t think it is worth it if it has a negative effect on us.  Right now I am on a Facebook break and hope to continue it at least until the end of January.  My last post on my profile was December 20th, and I can already feel a weight lifting off of me.

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2 thoughts on “What to Do When You’re Sad”

  1. It is wonderful that you figured out that FB is a trigger and can avoid it as much as possible. I’m glad you figured out some ways to help you deal with depression. I have a couple of people close to me who suffer from anxiety and/or depression and I know how tough it can be. I hope 2019 is a great year for you!

    1. Thank you! It is so hard because I still have to be there for work stuff and try my hardest to not look at anything else. I have committed to avoiding it until the end of January and then taking a closer look at “friendships” I have there. Maybe I can clear out some of the stuff that is making it so hard for me. It seems silly to some I am sure, but it really has had a negative effect on me. <3

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